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Director: Mário Assis Ferreira | Estoril Sol
Editor: Patrícia Reis  | 004 F*@#ing Ideas
Original Design: Henrique Cayatte
Design: Joana Miguéis, Rodrigo Saias  | 004 F*@#ing Ideas
Executive Production: Sara Fortes da Cunha  | 004 F*@#ing Ideas
Proofreading and Translation: Sara Veiga
Writting and Production: 004 F*@#ing Ideas
Prepress and Printing: Norprint - a casa do livro



Edition, Design and Production

004 F*@#ing Ideas
Avenida da República, nº 6 - 9º Dto 
1050-191 Lisbon, Portugal
Tel. +351 218 429 820




Teresa Marques | Estoril Sol
Tel. +351 214 667 806
Av. Dr. Stanley Ho, Edifício do Casino Estoril 
2765-190 Estoril, Portugal




Jéssica Bruno | 004 F*@#ing Ideas
Tel. +351 218 429 820
Avenida da República, nº 6 - 9º Dto 
1050-191 Lisbon, Portugal




Editorial Status

Egoísta is a publication owned by the Estoril Sol Group.
Egoísta is quarterly and thematic.
Egoísta is a bilingual edition and aims to promote artists, creatives, and writers.
Egoísta is guided by the principles, values, and mission inherent to the Estoril Sol Group.
Egoísta believes in the freedom of artistic expression and is not permeable to prior restraint.
Egoísta is addressed to all audiences regardless of job titles.
Egoísta seeks to innovate in terms of design and in the way it conceives each issue.
Egoísta has no partisan or ideological connections.




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