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Issue 67. Fate

Maria Augusta Babo
Maria Augusta Babo

Maria Augusta Babo is a Professor at the Communication Sciences Department of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Arts at the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, and has been the Chairperson of the Centre for Communication and Language Studies since 2014. She has been working in the areas of Semiotics, Culture, and Textuality, specifically.

She is the author of the essay Considerations on the Narrative Machine published last year in the book Narrative and Media - Genres, Figures and Contexts, organised by Ana Teresa Peixinho and Bruno Araújo, and Corpo e Movimento/Corpo em movimento, published in Revista de Comunicação e Linguagens - Movimento e Mobilização Técnica, among others. She was the winner of the contest Vamos Mudar o Mundo promoted by the Centro Nacional de Cultura, supported by the magazine Egoísta and under the patronage of the President of the Portuguese Republic.



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